Katy Perry "Never Really Over" AR (Portal and Face Filter)

Svrf + Katy Perry Never Really Over Face Filter

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Check out the Portal and Face Filter on Snapchat here: http://svrf.in/katyperry

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Live pop up across the world with our Lens code.

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Live pop up in New York! My hometown.

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Live pop up in New York! My hometown.

Katy Perry - Never Really Over (Official)

We (Svrf, Inc.) worked with Katy Perry's team and Capital Records to create an #AR portal and face filter for the release of Katy's new album and single "Never Really Over". This lens was featured in a global marketing campaign that included billboards, live popup events and more!

It was pretty challenging getting everything into a 3.5MB experience. A lot of love went into this.

You can start your healing experience on Snapchat here: http://svrf.in/katyperry